Uniform & Hair Regulation (non negotiable)

The term “requirements” and “properly” used herein, is defined as being in accordance with Department of the Army regulations, First ROTC Region and Franklin Military Academy policy. 

In accordance with Cadet Command Regulation 670-1:  Uniform Wear and Appearance

In accordance with Cadet Command Regulation 145-2: Standardization and execution of the Junior Reserve Officers Training Corps (JROTC)

Personal Appearance.

As part of the Army’s commitment to improve the wellbeing of personnel and making everyone feel included, changes to grooming and uniform appearance standards have been implemented in Cadet Command Regulation 670-1.  JROTC is a uniformed organization which is judged, in part, by how a cadet wears a prescribed uniform and maintains their personal appearance.  Therefore, neat and groomed cadets are fundamental to the Franklin Military Academy JROTC program and contribute to building discipline, pride, and spirit, all of which are essential to an effective program. 

General.  This uniform wear policy applies to all uniform wear days and the maximum uniform wear grade is 100 points each week.  The wearing of hoody’s while in uniform is prohibited at all times.  Cadets will wear their issued black jackets with liner during cold weather months. 

1.  HAIR.  Proper hairstyles for JROTC cadets do not include extreme fades.  The SAI and AI will make final decisions on questionable hairstyles.  The Army has repealed its ban on “multiple hairstyles” so females can combine cornrows, braids, twists, and locs, however, hair cannot be no greater than ½ inch width.  Female cadets’ hair is styled or pinned so that it does not touch the top of the collar or obscure the cadet’s eyes.  Male cadets’ hair is worn neatly trimmed.  It may not touch the ears or collar, or obscure a cadet’s eyes.  Sideburns may not extend no lower than the bottom of the ear opening with the base ending in a clean-shaven horizontal line.  Facial hair is limited to mustaches.  No portion of the mustache that extends beyond the corners of the mouth may fall below a line parallel to the bottom of the lower lip. Goatees, beards, rat tails, bunny tails, or other prominent protrusions of hair below the normal hairline are not authorized. 

2. PONYTAILS.  Medium-length ponytails must extend more than 1-inch from the scalp and cannot exceed the lower edge of the collar in all uniforms. Medium-length ponytails are only authorized for wear on the back of the scalp and cannot exceed the head’s width or interfere with the proper wear of the cadet’s headgear. Ponytails are authorized while wearing the ACU, however, longer ponytails must be tucked inside the ACU top so cadets can still conduct their mission.

HAIR HIGHLIGHTS, ROOT GROWTH.  Females can wear highlights if the colors blend together naturally and it presents a natural appearance versus “vast difference” and is NOT a prohibited color.  Under current regulation, cadets are authorized to dye, tint, or bleach their hair.  However, the color of their hair must be uniform and NOT detract from their professional appearance. Unnatural colors include but are not limited to, PURPLE, BLUE, PINK, GREEN, ORANGE, BRIGHT RED, FLUORESCENT or NEON colors.


3. JEWELRY.  Female cadets may wear 1 earring in each ear with the Class A and Class B uniforms.  No earrings are authorized with the Class C uniform (ACU).  Earrings may not exceed ¼ inch in diameter.  They may be of gold, silver, or white pearl; unadorned and spherical.  No other facial jewelry is authorized, i.e., lip rings, nose rings, eyebrow piercings, etc.  Male cadets may not wear earrings or facial jewelry of any kind, i.e., lip rings, nose rings, eyebrow piercings, etc.  No jewelry may appear exposed on uniforms.  Cadets may wear a wristwatch, a wrist identification bracelet, and not more than two rings.


4.  FINGERNAILS/LIPSTICK.  Although the Army approved the additional colors of lipstick, cadets must present a professional appearance at all times while in uniform.  Extreme colors and nail shapes such as coffin, ballerina, and stiletto nails are prohibited while in uniform.  Unnatural colors include but are not limited to, PURPLE, BLUE, PINK, GREEN, ORANGE, BRIGHT RED, FLUORESCENT or NEON colors.  Fingernails will be kept short and clean.  Male cadets may not wear fingernail polish.


5.  GROOMING.   As stated earlier, the maximum uniform grade is 100 points.  Grooming requires the cadets to clean their hair, teeth, and bodies.  It also includes taking care of their clothing – both civilian and uniform.  Cadets are required to keep their uniforms clean and wrinkle free.  Uniform shirts are worn tucked into trousers at all times.  Cadets must wear a white crew-neck T-shirt with the Class A and Class B uniforms.  Cadets must wear a tan crew-neck T-shirt with the Class C uniform (ACU).  Cadets must wear dress black crew-length socks and are issued black shoes with the Class A and Class B uniforms.  Cadets must wear issued boots with the Class C uniform.  Cadets must wear all issued rank, awards, and decorations on the Class A and Class B uniforms.  The Army Instructors (AI), will issue all required uniform items to the cadets EXCEPT for black dress shoes, socks, and white t-shirts to middle school cadets.  High school cadets are issued complete uniforms to include black socks and white t-shirts.  Cadets, parents, and or guardians are encouraged to coordinate with the Senior Army Instructor (SAI) prior to a uniform malfunction so that leadership can assist cadets ahead of time.


6. TURN-IN.  At the end of the 2023-2024 school year, all seniors will be instructed to turn in All uniforms to the Army Instructors, date TBD.  All uniforms must be sent to the cleaners and turned in to JROTC in the packaging from the cleaners.  Failure to do so will result in a $20 service fee.